Our davenport gym is located at: 5329 Tremont Avenue, Davenport, IA

You can reach us at (563) 424-5324

Our Leclaire gym is located at: 1297 Eagle Ridge Rd. (next to Slagle Foods)
LeClaire, IA

You can reach us at (563)-729-1296

Our facility in Davenport includes: 8000 sq. feet of gym space, Full 42×54 Spring Cheer Floor, 40 Foot Trampoline Track, 42 Foot Rod Floor, 42 Spring Floor, SAM spotting assistance machine.

Our facility in LeClaire includes: 800 Sp. Feet of gym space, with many mats including, flip flop machine, inclines, cartwheel mats, panel mats, mini trampoline and much more!

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